At last: A Genuine Hosting Offer from a Real Hosting Company

Are you ready to Promote the Hosting Offer of the Decade with a highly congruent funnel proven to generate Insane EPCs! 

Launch Opens 5th June 10am EST

Launch Closes 12th June 11am EST

$600 in Affiliate CASH PRIZES

Hi Its David Henry

I am super excited to announce the launch of our Premium WordPress Hosting Sale

We all need hosting and this offer quite simply is the lowest cost Premium WordPress hosting on the planet

Make some easy commissions, save your customers a fortune in hosting fees whilst providing a higher standard server specification GUARANTEED

Why trust us to deliver premium hosting and email marketing services

We provide digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. 

We design and build email and SMS marketing platforms and provide specialist hosting services.

Our first email autoresponder, Inboxingpro was launched back in 2017 and is still going from strength to strength.

We added our SMS marketing portal using advanced 2-way chat bot technology in 2019 and our specialist hosting division followed in 2020

We have thousands of customers using our services to get great results so you can rest assured we will look after your customers and deliver an outstanding service at the lowest prices, guaranteed

We value your traffic

We value your hard-earned traffic and want to make sure you earn the maximum commissions for your efforts

No fluff or filler offers in the funnel that are not relevant to the front end offer because we all know this is why some launches bomb on EPCs even though they might sell thousands of copies which is not the best result for you

Highly Congruent Funnels

Our last launch in March 2024 achieved insane conversions and even at the end of the launch, the conversion rate was 80% with EPCs of $15 because we create congruent funnels and provide outstanding value

We have taken some of the offers in the last launch to ensure our conversions will be off the scale and you can look forward to the highest EPCs for this launch

Our mission is to provide a range of hosting services with the highest server specifications at the lowest possible costs and we are seeing incredible growth.

Increased Server Capacity

Due to this growth, we have recently upgraded our server infrastructure and added a lot more capacity, 

this presents us with an opportunity to quickly add more customers with a limited time 7 day sale GUARANTEED to be the lowest cost premium WordPress hosting offer on the planet!

We all need hosting and so do your customers and subscribers but not many people really know what hosting plan to choose or what features need to be enabled and buy simply on price.

We have created a very special offer that is guaranteed to be the lowest cost WordPress hosting plan on the planet but packed with premium features and generous resources so you can offer the best of both worlds.

The most popular type of hosting is WordPress with over 40 million people using WordPress as the platform of choice.

We have created an outstanding Bespoke WordPress Hosting Offer packed with advanced features and generous resources which is part of a highly congruent, proven to convert funnel to guarantee high EPCs and happy customers

Priority Launch Updates 

The Front End Offer

We currently sell the front-end Enterprise offer for £13 per month and our 12-month discount plan costs $84 

Our retail prices are guaranteed to be the lowest you can find anyway online AND THATS BEFORE WE REDUCED THE PRICES IN THIS OFFER but we don't compromise on the quality of our resources and advanced features and during this launch your customers get... 

No smoke and mirrors, no blind sales copy so its not clear what the offer includes, quite simply, this is the best WordPress Hosting offer on the planet!

You can see from the specification below,  the features and resources are amongst the highest if not the highest in the industry and our support is outstanding.

You can be 100% confident in recommending this service, we are hosting providers and have the infrastructure in place to support our service as we do with all our other products and services.

Its all about Performance, Security and Scale

We provide generous resources for each plan and include the world’s leading admin panel, cPanel with many advanced features, Enterprise level security using Imunify360 and optimised servers using lite-speed technology for blazing fast performance.

Check out the exact server specification included in this front end offer, we challenge you to find more premium features or resources at any cost!

Perfect for Newbies and Seasoned Pros alike!

This is not cheap hosting with Limited Resources, this is Premium Level WordPress Hosting Available for a Limited time with a Massive Discount

Includes a Premium Website Builder

Create a Stunning Website or Blog using Weebly

Build a website and get online in minutes with Weebly. 

The Free Plan from Weebly included in this plan supports unlimited pages + contact forms and basic SEO, giving you everything you need to get started.

Building a Website Has Never Been Easier

Create the perfect site with powerful drag and drop tools

Drag & Drop Builder

The easy drag & drop builder allows you to create a professional website with no technical skills required.

Highly Congruent Funnel Proven to Convert

We value your hard-earned traffic and want to make sure you earn the maximum commissions for your efforts

No fluff or filler offers in the funnel that are not relevant to the front end offer because we all know this is why some launches bomb on EPCs even though they might sell thousands of copies which is not the best result for you

Outstanding Support

We have been providing email marketing and hosting services since 2017 and we support every service we have ever launched

We launched our first PLR membership site in 2013 which is also still going strong so you can be sure we are here for the long run to support your customers with 24/7 email and live chat support 

Priority Launch Updates 

$600 in Affiliate CASH PRIZES

Main Contest

Starts 5th June 11am EST Closes 11th June 10:59 EST

Minimum 20 Front End Sales to qualify for any prize

Individuals Only

Must earn more in commissions than the prize to qualify, if not you will earn the next prize down

1st Prize  $300

2nd Prize $125

3rd Prize $100

4th Prize $50

5th Prize $25

Outstanding Products with Premium Features and Resources

Enterprise Plan

$17 – 50% Commission

Our Standard WordPress Server Specification is amongst the highest if not the highest in the industry with many advanced features included as standard.

You can see from the server specification; we have created a powerful solution that works out of the box with many additional features and is a perfect solution for marketers with up to 4 websites or newbies looking to get started with premium level hosting for a discount cost

OTO1 Professional Plan

$37 – 30% Commission

The professional plan provides even more resources to host unlimited websites and is a perfect choice for the more experienced marketer or business owner.

We have increased the storage, memory and RAM to ensure the resources are more than adequate to comfortably manage lots of websites and this offer is available for just an additional $37, the current monthly cost of this service is $20 so during this launch, your customers can get a massive 90% off the current cost.

OTO 3 Elite Plan

$197 – 30% Commission

Flagship service provides everything a professional email marketer needs post the recent Google update

The service includes unlimited WordPress hosting and a monthly email sending allowance of 100,000 emails sent from a dedicated IP and specially configured SMTP server, this service currently sells for $536 so this is a massive saving guaranteed to get outstanding inbox results


OTO2 Ultimate Plan

$97 – 30% Commission

The Ultimate plan is the perfect choice for markers looking to get started with a complete service but maybe don't need a sending allowance of 100,000 emails per month.  

The plan provides the same server specification as the Elite plan with a reduced sending allowance of 45,000 emails per month.

This offer converts very well as the down-sell to the Elite plan with a 50% reduction in cost 


OTO 4 Enterprise License

$27 - 50% Commission

Advanced email marketing autoresponder provides outstanding features and is fully compliant with the recent Google update on sending bulk email

The DNS records are automatically created and verified, and it is configured to integrate with 12 SMPT services in minutes

Send Unlimited Campaigns from Unlimited domains and store up to 100,000 subscribers with no list verification.

We have thousands of customers getting great results and the app is available with a 60% discount

OTO 5 Enterprise X License

$27 – 50% Commission

Flagship email and SMS autoresponder with no 3rd party integrations required and provides outstanding features, fully compliant with the recent Google update on sending bulk email

Get up to 5 times the results using the power of cross channel marketing, automatically add subscribers to an email list and SMS contact list and create automations seamlessly.

Store up to 100,000 subscribers and the service includes a unique SMS sending number and discounted credits.

OTO 5 Pro Start License

$17 – 50% Commission

A perfect service designed for marketers getting started with email marketing who maybe don’t to store 100,000 subscribers.

The license includes the same autoresponder as the Enterprise app with up to 2000 subscribers and the service includes an outstanding range of professional marketing resources genuinely worth hundreds of dollars and include lead magnets, done for you funnels, resale products and 30, follow up messages

Did you ever see so much Genuine Value

We already provide the lowest cost premium hosting services, and this offer provides a massive 80% off our already rock bottom prices.

The front-end offer is complete and needs no upgrades to make it work but the upsell offers are highly recommended because we add more websites to the service, higher resources and added features.

Don’t miss this opportunity to present this service to your customers, it’s not often these days you can find an offer that is proven to convert like gangbusters and work exactly like it says on the tin so request your link now and get ready for your biggest promotion of the year

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