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You have made a great decision to secure our premium WordPress Enterprise hosting which includes hosting for up to 4 websites and generous resources.

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Unlimited Business email accounts included in the plan

Currently the cost for 1 business webmail email account is $12 per year and our 10 account pack costs $56 per year so if you are ever likely to need more than 4 email accounts don’t miss this offer

Additional Resources Included as Standard

Currently this exact plan costs $17.81 per month and the 12 months plan costs $156

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When the plan is due to renew in 12 months, we guarantee the price will be locked in for life at our current website cost of $156 for a further 12 months years premium service saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time

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Don't Need Unlimted Websites?

If you only ever host a couple of sites, the generous additional resources ensure your websites are Blazingly fast to load and you have the security that when you need to add more sites or create bigger sites with more resources, you have the plan in place with no upgrades required so a great investment of just $37 for 12 months service.

Unlimited Business email accounts Included 

You may not need to host more than a couple of websites but you can definitely use more than 4 email accounts, typically you will need




Plus any other usernames you need for your business and even if you only have a couple of websites, you can easily use 8 - 10 email accounts so investing in this upgrade is highly recommended to lock in your savings

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What Happens Next

After you make the payment you will be directed to our registration page

Once you create your account, we issue login access to our host admin area and cPanel so you can get started adding your domains and creating your perfect website using our 1 click WordPress install

We provide video tutorials to get started and you can be up and running with a live website within 5 minutes using our advanced features and automations

Got Questions? We got the answers!

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is hosting that has been optimised to meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It typically includes 1-click WordPress installation and migration, to make it easy to get started. We offer the 1-click WordPress installation feature as part of all our WordPress hosting plans

What is the difference between shared and WordPress hosting

Typical shared hosting is used by lots of customers, sometimes thousands of customers that share  the resources on 1 server, this can cause issues with performance especially during busy periods and slow loading websites, our Premium WordPress hosting is provided with guaranteed resource allocated for each customer so the service will never run slow at any time

Can I set up a blog with WordPress?

Yes, WordPress was initially built as a CMS blogging platform, so it’s perfect for you to build a blog with.

Is WordPress the best content management system?

The best CMS for you will always depend on your requirements. WordPress is ideal if you need a simple way to build a professional and powerful site, but there are other CMS options with more advanced features. However, WordPress is generally the most user-friendly CMS, and is a great choice for most websites.

Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?

You can add ecommerce functionality to WordPress using WooCommerce, a user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows any WordPress site to become a customised online shop

Is the Professional hosting plan only for WordPress sites

No, its premium hosting optimised for WordPress, but you can host any type of website and get the same blazingly fast performance.

1 am not technical, can I use this service.

Yes, we provide instant access to the service with no set up required, we provide video tutorials to quickly set up your email account and install WordPress which takes less than 5 minutes, and you can have your website live, we also provide a comprehensive knowledge base of tutorials to answer any questions and our support are here for anything else

What is the renewal cost after 2 years

Unlike most other hosting services that increase the renewal costs after a promotion, we guarantee to lock in your costs at the price of our normal service today and this is held for the duration of your service so hopefully you are still with us in 10 years paying just $156 for 24 months premium WordPress Hosting for up to 10 websites.

Do you provide a refund period

Yes, all of our services are provided with a 14-day money back guarantee offer, this is for the hosting service but does not include any new domain registration so if you choose to register a new domain to use to host the account and decide to cancel the service, the domain registration provides 12 months service and is non refundable.

Not for you?

We appreciate not everyone needs more than 4 websites but we have a massive opportunity to take your marketing to the next level using the power of SMS text message marketing automations